Scene on Campus: Rock wall

Tori Hernandez, a junior Theology major at St. Mary’s University, describes her beginnings at the rock wall, and the challenges and benefits of attempting the climb.

Speaking the German

St. Mary’s University German Professor Rueppel talks about her beginnings in the language, and how she’s passing it on to future speakers.

Playin’ loud

Brittany Horak, senior Marketing major, shares why she joined the rowdy group known as the St. Mary’s University Rattler Band, and why she has stayed.

Produce Your Universe

As I begin this semester, I have a lot of high expectations. in a year and a half from now, I will be enlisting in the United States Navy―a goal of mine for the past eight years. That time will be here before i know it, and I’m using this semester as a start to a great finish to my college career.

The two aspects I find most exciting about this class is the fact that audio and editing seem to play a major part in the course. I truly believe audio and editing are responsible for creating some of the biggest emotional responses when it comes to any kind of multimedia, be it radio programs, television, video games, movies and everything else.

The thing that I’m going to find most challenging is that interviewing is an intimate and intimidating interaction. I also fear that I will be overly critical when it comes to my work and its flaws. If I have fun in the course and approach it enthusiastically, I’m sure I should be fine.

I’m not sure what my career will be, that’s up to the Navy to decide, but I know I will be interacting with people, and I’m sure this class with help with my confidence and time management, as well as fueling my creative itch.

I am thankful for the opportunity to take this class, and cannot wait to absorb and apply all it will offer.